Why Realtybud

Realtybud is a complete real estate growth solution with essential features that you wouldn’t see anywhere else on the market.

World Class Contact Center

Realtybud comes with a world-class contact center for buyer and agent support, led by people with decades of US real estate sales experience. We not only provide phone support and build-up your reputation, but also enable you to provide that high-touch experience that most of your buyers need to while buying their dream homes – without increasing your actual team size!
Contact Center Demo

Competition & Market Saturation Control

Realtybud maintains a careful balance between buyer demand in a particular region, and the number of real estate agents servicing that area. If we feel a particular region is well served, we’d rather suggest a new area of operation for them that is underserved at that time, or say no to them – thereby avoiding market saturation and ensuring ample opportunities for our agents.
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100% managed for Ease of Use

Not too well versed with SEO or PPC? Don’t have the bandwidth to manage large number of unqualified buyer inquiries? Worry not – we’ll take care of it all.
Though you would have access to control and decide everything, we will manage everything for you – so that you can focus only on closing deals with qualified, interested buyers!

Flexibility of Lead Flow & Budgets

Realtybud allows you to dial your lead flow up or down, according to your bandwidth and prevailing market condition.
Moreover, we don’t believe in tying you up in contracts upfront, till you’re convinced of our effectiveness, and are already on a high growth path.
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High Value, High Impact

We pride ourselves in bringing qualified leads to you at the lowest cost. And we also believe in bringing results for our users by putting performance first.
With no obligation to get into a contract, and attractive first month incentives, what’s stopping you from trying out Realtybud? Register for an obligation-free demo today!

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On the demo call, don't forget to talk about
> Realtybud’s 100% money-back guarantee
> Realtybud’s no upfront long term contract policy
> The average ROI of a Realtybud subscription (Conservative estimate: 740%)