How it works

Realtybud is a powerful real estate sales and marketing solution, that has been built with a combination of tech, digital marketing, old-school “high touch” relationship management, and a deep understanding of the challenges of the real estate industry.

We’ve kept things really simple for our users. Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Build an IDX website to showcase your local properties.

  • Attractive graphics, easy to browse

  • Search Engine Optimized, to maximize organic traffic

  • Optimized for conversions, to maximize traffic to leads conversions

  • Personalized for your brand and territory

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STEP 2: Launch online marketing campaigns, including Google PPC campaigns to drive relevant buyer traffic to your website.

  • Dedicated online advertising experts

  • Complete Google PPC campaign management - keyword research, local SEO, budget and conversion management, Google Analytics deployment etc.

  • Fixed dedicated budget to generate quality leads

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STEP 3: Lead tracking and qualification.

  • Track buyer activity on your new IDX website

  • Capture details like their approximate budget, their areas of interest, and other nuanced buying preferences like property type etc.

  • Share real time buyer updates with you

  • Qualify those buyers based on their interest and context

Lead tracking & qualification demo

STEP 4: Agent reputation and buyer relationship management

  • We cultivate deep relationships with your leads as we guide them through their home buying process through emails, text and regular 1-1 phone calls

  • In each interaction, the lead is exposed to your name, your photograph, your contact details and your territory

  • This high-touch support engages the lead, and guides them towards the properties they’d like to visit

NOTE: Our buyer response systems are based on our decades of real estate experience and success. However, you have complete control to customize them.

STEP 5: Setup meetings with you and qualified buyers.

  • The buyer already looks at you as the real estate authority in the area in which they’re looking to buy

  • Their questions have been answered thoroughly, and they have shortlisted properties to visit

  • It’s time for you to do what you do best - take them out for property visits, and close deals!

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On the demo call, don't forget to talk about
> Realtybud’s 100% money-back guarantee
> Realtybud’s no upfront long term contract policy
> The average ROI of a Realtybud subscription (Conservative estimate: 740%)