Realtybud Features

Managed IDX Website:

We create and manage an attractive, local search-engine optimized website for you that builds your reputation as the local real estate expert in the area.
  • MLS Connected

  • Attractive graphics with your branding and contact details

  • Search engine optimized

  • Conversion rate optimized

  • End to end user tracking + Google Analytics

  • Responsive and device friendly

Demo IDX Website

High Quality Lead Generation

Our digital marketing experts not only optimize your SEO rankings, but also run dedicated Google PPC campaigns to specifically bring targeted buyer traffic to your branded IDX website.

Our website to leads ratio is one of the highest in the industry, because of our conversion optimized websites.

Together this, along with best social, content and local SEO practices in place, results in a steady flow of quality leads ripe for further cultivation and nurturing.
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Lead Tracking & Updates

Realtybud tracks all activity of leads and potential buyers on your website, and promptly sends you updates on the same.

So that when the buyer is ready to meet you, you have proper context and in-depth knowledge of their activities, budget and home preferences.

Lead tracking & qualification demo

Managing high-touch relationships
and building reputation

Realtybud’s Smart Communication system nurtures your potential buyers through automated emails and text messages that are based on their actions on your website. Things like list of all the homes that they viewed, along with their average budgets and more.

  • Contextual emails & text messages

  • World class contact centre for real-time telephonic support

  • 2 decades of local & international real estate sales experience

Our contact centre does regular high-touch follow ups with your potential buyers to ensure they are appropriately attended to on your behalf, and feel comfortable throughout their home-buying journey.

We work as an extension of your in-house team to build up your reputation and position you as the real estate authority in your area.

FACT: 78% of the buyers buy from the first responders. Our contact centre responds to a new lead within 5 minutes! See our contact centre in action on a live demo.

Smart Reporting and Insights:

Realtybud sends regular reports on lead activity so that you can quantify and measure your progress as you move forward.

The report includes things like details of each lead along with their current status, an overview of their interaction with our smart communication systems, their movement along your sales funnel, and more!

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    All our demos are live and obligation free. Apart from the live demo of the platform itself and its typical results on a growing real estate business, some of the things that agents love to talk about on these calls are:

    • Realtybud’s 100% money back guarantee
    • Realtybud’s no upfront long term contract policy
    • The average ROI of a Realtybud subscription (Conservative estimate: 740%)