About Realtybud

Jeremy McCalmont

Co-founder, Realtybud

Jeremy has been successfully running Homelite Real Estate Services, a real estate business based out of Oswego IL, for about 20 years. He has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by real estate agents in the US, having been through many himself while building up Homelite.

He is now committed to helping other ambitious and hard working realtors overcome the same through Realtybud.

Jeremy has a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Texas Tech University, and lives in Naperville with his family.

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Huzefa Peshawarwala

Co-founder, Realtybud

Huzefa is a techo-business leader with 16 years of experience under his belt, including 12 years with Royal Cyber Inc. – that he helped grow from scratch to an award winning business solutions provider employing over 700 people.

His mission is to put Realtybud users in the fast lane of real estate growth, and his aim is to build a robust, most feature-rich product, that is extremely easy to use.

Huzefa is a postgraduate in M.I.S. University of Illinois Springfield. He resides in Glendale Heights with his family.

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Our Story

10 years ago, Jeremy helped Huzefa purchase a residential property in Illinois.

They stayed in touch (because referrals, duh!), and over time became friends.

They often used to discuss the various challenges Jeremy faced in growing his real estate business, wondering if there’s a solution that could take care of some of these challenges.

Referrals are great, but real estate agents needed a new, trusted source of qualified leads that could fuel their ambitious growth plans.

Furthermore, everyone is trying to sell leads today in the name of “qualified leads”. But since over 95% of leads don’t convert into purchases, actually engaging and qualifying with each and everyone – and that too, in a high-touch manner, without a team of agents – presented with a huge challenge in and of itself.

4 years ago, they thought of actually building such a real estate marketing solution, keeping in mind the challenges (and budget!) of an average realtor or a small real estate agency/team, that were taking the growth of their business seriously

They started developing Realtybud.

2 years ago – they implemented the solution on Jeremy’s business, with substantial success.

After launching in 2019, they closed the initial few customers within weeks. After several customers, most of whom are with Realtybud from day 1 – a product-market fit was established.

Realtybud is now helping real estate agents across the country with its high impact, no contract, no BS approach.

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