Realtybud generates & qualifies real estate buyer leads based on their behavior & response to real-time phone calls, emails & text messages.

So that you can focus only on actively interested leads who are ready to buy. At lowest cost per lead.


What is Realtybud?

Realtybud helps real estate agents sell more predictably, measurably & at scale.

It is a real estate marketing system that’s designed to boost your reputation in your territory, bring you new, qualified buyers, and to help them through their home-buying journey with you.

“Think of us as your virtual team of digital marketers, buyer support agents and techies, backed with over two decades of real estate experience.”

Realtybud helps you create high-touch experiences for your potential buyers without any additional demands to your bandwidth. For you, this means:
  • Not wasting time on unqualified leads

  • Not depending on existing lead sources
    only (referrals, events)

  • Not necessarily having to learn technology or online marketing

  • Focus on qualified buyers
    -> More sales

  • Tangible, measurable progress with multiple new leads regularly

  • Complete control of your lead flow & budget for your peace of mind

How it works?

Realtybud is designed to put real estate agents on the map. It makes you more impactful, by doing most of the heavy lifting for you, leaving you with ample time and bandwidth to focus on creating delightful experiences for your buyers, and moving more real estate volume.
1 - IDX website
2 - Lead generation
3 - Lead qualification
4 - Reputation & Trust
5 - Property sales
With Realtybud, you can realistically look at doubling your real estate sales in the first year itself!

Realtybud VS Others

Realtybud comes with these unique benefits that you won’t get anywhere else:

World class contact center

Top notch buyer support led by people with global real estate sales experience. Responds to buyer queries within seconds, keeps you on top of follow ups and meetings!

Competition control

Realtybud maintains a careful balance between buyer demand and the number of real estate agents in a particular territory, to ensure ample opportunities.

100% managed for ease of use

We’ll take care of the tech, the ads, the lead gen, the qualification & reputation building. You focus on showing interested buyers around & selling real estate. Deal?

Flexibility of lead flow & budget

Realtybud allows you to manage your expenditure so that you can dial your lead flow up or down, according to your bandwidth and market scenario.


“With over 3 decades in the real estate space, we are as aggressive about growth as one can get. In Realtybud, we have found a true partner that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to lead generation and cultivation. Their passion and commitment towards our buyers has been contagious, and it has definitely rubbed off on our in-house team. Highly recommended!”

-- Mike Lenz

“Realtybud is a product by realtors for realtors, and is impressive in what it claims to do. What worked in making me go for Realtybud is the fact that they also actually care about the continued growth of their agents. A fact that is very thoughtfully shown in their efforts to avoid market saturation in my area.”

-- Dakshi Anand

“Frankly, the huge bills of competitors products used to baffle me, especially in the low season. Which is why it is such a breath of fresh air to see a product that actually works, without burning holes in my pocket! Thanks to Realtybud, my top of the funnel is always full of qualified leads, and I am finally working on growing my team this year!”

-- Lori Shroka

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On the demo call, don't forget to talk about
> Realtybud’s 100% money-back guarantee
> Realtybud’s no upfront long term contract policy
> The average ROI of a Realtybud subscription (Conservative estimate: 740%)